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Sidewalk Concrete Services

Concrete pads for trash cans with concrete sidewalks to prevent lawn destruction are one of our most popular concrete service orders. A concrete sidewalk is a fantastic way to connect the different areas of your property in an aesthetically pleasing, reliable, incredibly durable and durable way. Your new concrete sidewalk could have a wandering, meaningful and creative design, and really help increase the atmosphere of your forehead. or backyards. There are virtually no limits on how you can use concrete to help make your home as beautiful as possible.

We make reliable concrete sidewalks for residential and commercial projects in Lakeland, Florida and the surrounding areas. We have installed hundreds of concrete surfaces for apartment complexes, community and municipal properties in Lakeland Florida.

From filling cracks to special finishes, road and sidewalk construction Our services include:

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Installation of new concrete roads, sidewalks and walkways

Sidewalk Repair

Concrete sidewalks are located very close to the concrete entrances in the amount of traffic they receive. All wear and chemical abuse can affect the appearance of concrete walkways by causing abrasion, shedding, stains, and freeze and thaw damage. The good news is that if the damage is superficial, as is usually the case, it is possible to restore and improve the appearance of your concrete walkway instead of going through the expense and hassle of replacing it. Repavmenting with a cement or micro-woven overlay is a cost effective option to add a decorative touch to an existing concrete walkway while covering minor defects and discoloration. After applying the layer on the existing concrete, it can be stamped, stained, stamped or engraved to add color or simulate the appearance of brick, stone, tile or slate. Before starting a concrete resurfacing project, be sure to consult a professional to determine if your concrete can be successfully resurfaced.

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Sealing and protection of decorative concrete walkways and sidewalks

No installation of decorative concrete walkway is complete without the application of a sealant. This final layer of protection will not only prolong the life of your walkway, but also improve its beauty and make the concrete easier to clean and maintain.

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