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Damaged concrete can be difficult to handle and difficult to look at. That is why we offer the owners the concrete demolition and removal service. We can cut the damaged sections of the concrete entrances so that the repairs look cleaner. In addition to needing a concrete removal specialist for the complete demolition and removal of a concrete structure, we can help you remove concrete walls in homes and office buildings to utilize your existing space.

We take all necessary precautions when tearing a concrete slab. Most jobs do not require a soil sample to be taken, however, there are some circumstances in which we send a sample to a geotechnical engineer on larger projects. When you hire Xtreme Concrete to remove your concrete, you can be sure that we will take the appropriate safety precautions.

Xtreme Concrete is a renowned company that provides high quality concrete cutting and removal services for Lakeland Florida. As one of the leading companies in the area, we understand that you may need concrete cutting and removal services for various problems in your home or business

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Concrete Disposal

Concrete that has been cut and removed must also be removed. We are one of the best companies with professionals and with experience perform the task of cutting, demolition and removal of concrete. You can call us for the removal of concrete from any place in your home or business. We will send our trucks loaded with the equipment required to cut, remove and arrange the concrete in the appropriate places. If you are concerned about our cost of concrete disposal, you can request a quote from our representatives before doing any work.

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