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Concrete Public Services

We provide all phases of concrete construction for new structures and improvement works for public projects, including schools, hospitals, libraries, work in the city and homes.Concrete is a product that is more respectful of the environment than asphalt, which remains in place for generations without maintenance. The equipment we use complies with the emissions and we recycle every piece of concrete that we eliminate. We keep up to date with the planning requirements regarding the work we do in public works.

From mass concrete foundations to high-rise raised slabs, we provide enough experience in the placement of structural concrete for a variety of public and private sector projects. The versatility of concrete allows us to work with project owners and their construction managers to offer high quality and high performance solutions that reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the schedule.

We provide full concrete construction services to the infrastructure and public works construction markets. Our services include the acquisition of all the materials and equipment necessary to carry out our declared scope of work, provide and process all the required presentation information, the coordination of our work with all other trades and contractors involved, the field engineering design , the design and construction of formwork and false our scope of work and many other tangible and intangible services.

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