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Concrete Parking Services

The owners of apartment complexes, commercial businesses, shopping centers and other properties in the Lakeland area depend on us for the professional installation of parking lots and repair services. We are one of the most capable and experienced concrete companies in Lakeland Florida. Xtreme Concrete is a contractor you can rely on for an all-in-one service, from free estimates to reliable facilities.

Included services:

Services Sealing Home Florida


Our team installs parking lots according to clients’ specifications, thanks to extensive training and experience and top-of-the-line equipment.


Concrete can develop cracks, potholes, gaps, discolorations, and unevenness over time, but, with our concrete repair, Xtreme Concrete customers have their parking lots restored to like new.

Cleaning the Driveway  Florida

Services Sealing Home Florida


We treat concrete surfaces to meet clients’ specifications and conduct repairs, which enables us to provide the most thorough service possible.


A durable sealant protects the concrete surface from the elements, extending longevity and making it even more resistant to abuse.

Cleaning the Driveway  Florida

Services Sealing Home Florida


Our team will provide an objective assessment to evaluate your concrete and complete leveling checks, subgrade assessments, and safety hazard evaluations to determine the best course of parking lot repair.

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